Davey and the Chains



David Ulrich is Philly’s latter-day Joe Meek- holed up in his studio, churning out worldly weird pop hits as Davey and the Chains. Catchy Vocal hooks and fuzz riffs ride deep grooves, conjuring Talking Heads or Arthur Russel’s more dancey output- Ulrich’s classic songwriting builds good bones on which he builds up his grimy production like layers of paint, laying loose disco drums, conga and percussion over a rumbling spacious bass a la Lee Perry’s Black Ark Studio.

While Ulrich plays, sings and records almost everything himself on Davey and the Chains' albums, he has assembled a talented band to bring his stoner funk to the live realm. Owen Stewart (Ruby the Hatchet) plays drums and sings backups, RJ Gilligan (Dark Web, Meddlesome Bells) shreds a groovy second guitar, Maxwell Cudworth ((U)nity) plays Fela Kuti-esque electric piano, and Ulrich's wife Kellyn Walker plays bass.